As you or your child begin to progress further into a love for skating, the expectations and commitment level will evolve. Through the years, the need to increase your lesson schedule and tailor a training program that is individual to each athlete is imperative. Each tier below offers a glimpse into my expectations for the first few years of an athletes career. 

Tier 1

LTS - Compete USA Beginner
& Recreational
  • Minimum of two private lessons per week with me

  • At least one additional practice time per week

  • Continue level appropriate LTS or Aspire on and off ice classes

  • Participation in rink recitals and shows throughout the year.

Goal 1: Improvement of overall skating skills, confidence, and power developmenet

Goal 2: Participation in LTSUSA/USFS local competition 


  • 2 lessons per week recommended 

  • Goal setting to reach your ideal skill level

  • Fun, fitness, and improvement of skills made at your pace. 

Tier 2

Compete USA High Beginner - Pre-Preliminary
  • Minimum of 3 private lessons per week

  • 2-3 additional practice sessions per week

  • Begin to incorporate specialty coaches as needed 

  • Continued participation in appropriate on and off ice classes

  • Ballet at your chosen facility 

  • Participation in select rink recitals and shows

  • 2 programs for USFS competitions 

  • USFS membership via local club or individual membership

Goal 1: Enhancement and continued development of skating skills, basic understanding of IJS components, Speed

Goal 2: Participation in 3 USFS events

Goal 3: Begin preparing for USFS testing

Tier 3

Pre-Preliminary - Pre-Juvenile
  • 3 or more private lessons per week with me depending on training needs.

  • 4 + training days per week consisting of 1-2 sessions per day

  • Regular supplemental lessons with specialty coaches. 

  • Regular off-ice dance, conditioning, and jump classes. 

  • Focus on program development throughout competition season

  • Focus on moves in the field tests

  • Maintain USFS membership 

  • Attend extra curricular seminar locally or nationally

Goal 1: Participate in 3-4 USFS competitions

Goal 2: Test pre-preliminary moves in the field test

Goal 3: Development of poise, artistic individuality, and personal responsibility. Continued improvement of skating skills, understanding program components, understanding IJS protocol, and competition etiquette. Comaraderie and support for rink peers.