Private Lessons & Classes

Join me at Sno-King Ice Snoqualmie



Private lessons

One on one lessons for all ages and levels.

From beginner to seasoned competitors. 

Recreational athletes and hockey players are
welcome too. 

Aspiring Skaters
Are you a new to skating? Let me guide you to glide. Recreational and competitive skaters of all ages welcome. 
As a PSA Master Rated Choreographer, I am focused on creating unique IJS programs for all levels of athletes.
I take time to help develop skills needed to enhance program component scores while also instilling a love for creative movement. 
I will work with your coaching team to design a program to bring out the creativity and style in every athlete.
I am available for travel, and welcome you to join me in Snoqualmie, WA to set your program
Travel expenses and fees will vary
Style Coach
Add me as a supporting member of your coaching team to focus on presentation, lines, details, and sparkle! Let my experienced eye focus on the tiny details that will set you apart!

Off-Ice Lessons

Off ice training is an important addition to your on ice practice. I offer several classes suitable for

all levels and ages. 

Convenient online options are also available.

I am currently offering

1:1 lessons

for all off-ice options

Why Yoga? 

In todays world, Yoga provides a much needed moment for our athletes to be still and focus on proper alignment while connecting with a likeminded community of fellow athletes. 

I am a 200+ hr certified yoga instructor

Stretch & Flex
Improve your overall flexibility in this class designed to increase mobility for figure skaters.
Rhythm & Improv 
This class incorporates free movement, various dance and music styles, and improvisational acting to improve your personal movement vocabulary... A must for improving your program components!

Frozen Yogi Open Yoga
A basic yoga class for all levels, ages 6 and up. This class will focus on the fundamentals of yoga, alignment, breath control, and smooth transitions from pose to pose. 
Spin Flow Yoga

A yoga class for designed to challenge balance in poses that mimic the difficult variations in todays spins. Each flow is related to a difficult combination spin. Some experience recommended. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.