Transform & Transcend


Looking for a creative addition to your

club or rink seminar?

Book Ashley today! 

Creative Combine

Allow me to design a one or two day creative intensive with one of my most creative colleagues. Our on and off-ice classes will focus on skating skills, program components, performance, yoga, and honing creative movement qualities. 

Best of Both

Technique and Grace in one package. I will design a one or two day package with a coach that specializes in Jumps and Spins. Programming will include on and off ice creativity, conditioning, jump tech, IJS spins, skating skills and more! 

À la Carte

Looking to bring a creative component to your seminar staff? Add me to your roster! I love working with other coaches and will work with you to add in the most complementary classes to your schedule. 

Program Detail:

Need a second set of eyes on your program? While I am in town, set up a private "editing" session where we take a deeper look at your athletes element placement, step-sequence, and layout. 

Please contact Ashley to discuss pricing and options.

Travel and accommodation fees will vary